Valeria Bobikova - RU - smooth-haired dachshunds

I have had dogs all my life, but became interested in pure bred dogs in 1980, when I purchased my first dachshunds. I was involved in earth dog trials and lure coursing with them and later in showing and breeding. My first litter of standard smooth dachshunds was born in 1989 under Kantri Park prefix and since then I bred many champions and best in show winners. Dogs that I have bred live all over Europe - in Finland, Poland, Greece, Spain, Germany, Baltic states where they are very successful in both show ring and as working dogs.
I was the president of the Moscow Dachshund Club from 1992 to 2013 and started my judging career also in 1992 with group 4 - Dachshunds, later becoming an all breeds FCI judge. I am also licensed to judge junior handler competitions.
I have judged all breed shows and Dachshund specialities in many European countries, including Italy, Finland, Spain, Baltic states and Russia.
I still breed Standard Smooth Dachshunds who continue to excell in show rings all over Europe.
When I am not judging dog shows or spending time with dogs, I work as a translator of Spanish technical documentation.